Previous Raffle Winners


GRAND PRIZE.....14518562 (J. David Jacocks, Dallas, TX)

2ND PLACE.....14491920 (Patrick O'Donnell, Sioux City, IA)

3RD PLACE.....14194817 (William Colligan, Vienna, VA)

4TH PLACE.....14480801 (Donald Arment, Summerfield, FL)

5TH PLACE.....14356794 (Houston Hill, Ft. Worth, TX)

6TH PLACE.....14224080 (Leonard Rolen,  Garland, TX)

7TH PLACE.....14281048 (James Christain, Nashville, TN)

8TH PLACE.....14245436 (Eugene Zimbra, Pearl City, HI)

9TH PLACE.....14546882 (Danny Timmons, Florence, SC)

10TH PLACE.....14489935 (Daniel Friend,  Wichita, KS)

11TH PLACE.....14357640 (Bill Gallagher,  Taylor, PA)


GRAND PRIZE.....Charlie Snook, Clarendon, NY

2ND PLACE.....William Gnazzo, Oxford, NJ

3RD PLACE.....G. Victor Loranth, Summerville, NC

4TH PLACE.....Nate Mueller, Florence, KY

5TH PLACE.....13537163

6TH PLACE.....Charles Brooks, Rochester, NY

7TH PLACE.....David Rose, Mechanicville, NY

8TH PLACE.....Rich Williams, Hunt, NY

9TH PLACE.....Robert Mills, Caledonia, NY

10TH PLACE.....Keil Miller, Exeter, RI

11TH PLACE.....Willie Ditz, Ceylon, MN

2012 Carnival Raffle Winners:

Tricia Walter  North Java, NY  Grand Prize #67532

Ryan List, Rochester, NY 2nd Place #2800

Lindsay Grant, New York, NY 3rd Place #65245

Eric Stensgaard Ocala, FL 4th Place #12323607

Jerry Meister  Billings, MT  5th Place #12247043

Thomas Holloway  Cohoes, NY  6th Place #12630698

Tim Lance  Waterford, NY  7th Place #12421600

David Peach  Sussex, NJ  8th Place #12546916

David Lovejoy, Huntington, WV 9th Place #12220837

DONATED BACK TO THE FD!!!!!!!!!!  10th Place #12398731

Donald & Dorothy Martin, Palos Heights, IL 11th Place #12270182

2011 Carnival


Steven Ball Los Angeles, CA Grand Prize #11323295


Brett Williams Chesterfield, MO 2nd Place #11213090


John Boldt Santa Fe, NM 3rd Place #11638976


Patrick Driscoll Webster, NY 4th Place #11583777


Joseph Rice Galloway, OH 5th Place #11402437


Frank Sullivan Allenstown, NH 6th Place #11240550


Tom Vandewater Ada, MI 7th Place #11300468


Mark Adams Brighton, MI 8th Place #11183696


Gail Royce Warsaw, NY 9th Place #11789


Chad Zambito Batavia, NY 10th Place #5086


Charles Yacavone Dryden, NY 11th Place #11518049

2010 Carnival

Gerald Paraska, Houston, PA Grand Prize #10251706

Ray Conley, Lenoir, NC 2nd Place #10452075

William McDaniel, Flint, TX 3rd Place #10302586

Richard Kirschenheiter, Holbrook, NY 4th Place #10550412

Thomas Maule, Sandisfield, MA 5th Place #10560609

Nino Pellegrino, Auburn, NY 6th Place #10579395

Donald Savacool, Waretown, NJ 7th Place #10107717

Terry Ridley, Rochester, NY 8th Place #1056540

Thomas Hasman, Rochester, NY 9th Place #10204351

Ernest Carpenter, Columbia, SC 10th Place #10400064

James McCann, Cold Spring, KY 11th Place #10466026


2009 Carnival

Stephen Yurasits   Frisco, TX  Grand Prize #09387564

Paul Looby Swampscott, MA 2nd Place #09318329

A.J. Morris, El Paso, TX 3rd Place #09176979

Benjamin Davis, Athens, PA 4th Place #09442824

Robert Gartz Bergen, NY 5th Place #53018

Don Irwin Tulsa, OK 6th Place #09761559

Kay Steen Heflin, AL 7th Place #09764174

Larry Wright, Bristol, VA 8th Place #09477627

Ian Rensel Waterford, PA 9th Place #09775663

Joe Sanchez Cincinnati, OH 10th Place #09477047

Bob O'Brien, Henrietta, NY 11th Place #49375

2008 Carnival

Tom Hunt, Batavia, NY 1st Place Grand Prize #50511

Wayne Harden, Vilonia, AR 2nd Place #07706479

David Wemple, Ramsey, IL 3rd Place #07370725

John Anderson, Lake In the Hills, IL 4th Place #07644498

Royal Neale, Charlotte, NC 5th Place #07543343

Paul Lynch, Auburn, NY 6th Place #07200145

James Tutalo, Verona, NJ 7th Place #07704772

Karl Harrison, Pensacola, FL 8th Place #07743181

Omar Espinosa, Huntington Beach, CA 9th Place #07817379

Tim Tilsworth, Fairbanks, AK 10th Place #07330932

Patricia Thompson Paw Creek, NC 11th Place #07779770


2007 Carnival

Donald Dagobert, Lyndonville, NY Grand Prize #7337812

James Walker, Decatur, AL 2nd Place #7475432

Edmund Pilecki, Oakdale, CT 3rd Place #7850851

Michael Waltz, Sherman Station, ME 4th Place #7538901

Cathy Christopher, Le Roy, NY 5th Place #43506

Texas Oddson, Dallas, TX 6th Place #7895689

Sharon Sehar, Palmyra, PA 7th Place #7620581

Philip Young, Stafford, NY 8th Place #56014

Barbara & Ed Field, The Villages, FL 9th Place #7347964

Donald Benson, Rochester, NY 10th Place #7481372

Eugene Cullen, Port Orange, FL 11th Place #7745832


2006 Carnival   

Carol Fliegel    Brodheadsville, PA    1st place    Grand Prize    6364615

Dolores Thompson    Ithaca, NY    2nd place    $1000    6682052

Charles Kowalski    Avon, MA    3rd place    $1000    6816354

Marco Barbato    Penfield, NY    4th place    $1000    6783942

Kenneth Gagne    Yachats, OR    5th place    $1000    6695831

Steve Farias    Fall River, MA    6th place    $1000    6757836

Dean Howe    Bonney Lake, WA    7th place    $1000    6451280

Kenny Wray    Fort Smith, AR    8th place    $1000    6498872

John Sullivan    Ridgefield, CT    9th place    $1000    6195697

Carl Macfarlane    Yampa, CO    10th place    $1000    6914305

Roland Grabelle    Sarasota, FL    11th place    $1000    6429412

2005 Carnival   

James Murphy    Winthrop, ME    1st place    Grand Prize    5641645

Bruce Ross    Albany, NY    2nd place    $1,000     5874555

Richard Gorden    Lakewood, CO    3rd place    $1,000     5568506

Al Waller    Romulus, NY    4th place    $1,000     5644199

Glenn Treadwell    Macedonia, OH    5th place    $1,000     5366457

Larry Kriedberg    Hopkins, MN    6th place    $1,000     5653853

Kathleen Trader    East Bethany, NY    7th place    $1,000     50606

Jackie Stockwell    Elba, NY    8th place    $1,000     23057

Wayne Goodrich    Ledyard, CT    9th place    $1,000     5753860

Larry Sementini    Spruce Head, ME    10th place    $1,000     5581049

George Jackson    Burlington, KY    11th place    $1,000     28161

2004 Carnival   

Melvin Rinehart    San Jose, CA    1st place    Grand Prize    4669870

Carolyn Campbell    Fresno, CA    2nd place    $1,000     4601168

George Kiefer    Bangor, PA    3rd place    $1,000     4252622

Fred Hallet    Lodi, NY    4th place    $1,000     4252622

Mitchell Cipullo    Pittsburgh, Pa    5th place    $1,000     4617855

Frank Gazda, Jr.    Tonawanda, NY    6th place    $1,000     65518

Patrick Sewell    Berkely, CA    7th place    $1,000     4810111

Roy Monturi    River Edge, NJ    8th place    $1,000     4184810

James Statkus    Albuquerque, NM    9th place    $1,000     4219774

Bruce Sachetti    Aurora, CO    10th place    $1,000     4384715

Richard Gaccione    N. Stonington, CT    11th place    $1,000     4796554

2003 Carnival
Michael Malanowski    Elyria, OH    1st place    Grand Prize    3605195

Robert Saitta    Mission Viejo, CA    2nd place    $1,000     3360536

Samuel Vergata    Carle Place, NY    3rd place    $1,000     3578697

Billy McKim    El Cajon, CA    4th place    $1,000     3560043

Dean Hudson    South San Francisco, CA    5th place    $1,000     3825606

John Herrman    Durham, NC    6th place    $1000-He won the Corvette in 2000    3509022

Jim Standish    Warsaw, NY    7th place    $1,000     91228

Ethan Waldmann    Batavia, OH    8th place    $1,000     12879

Tedd Miller    Beaverton, OR    9th place    $1,000     3828022

Richard Cook    LeRoy, NY    10th place    $1,000     52906

Michelle Peckovitch    Cementon, NY    11th place    $1,000     5774


Previous grand prize winners only...


2002 Carnival

Carolyn Clements    Beech Grove, IN  

2001 Carnival

Gary Shipley    Westminster, MD

2000 Carnival

John Herrman    Durham, NC

1999 Carnival

Arthur Koebel    Newhall, CA

1998 Carnival

Dean Kirkendall    Jacksonville, Fl

1997 Carnival

Dorothy Harris    Niagara Falls, NY

1996 Carnival

John Bryan    Everett, WA

1995 Carnival

Christopher Storer    Mattapoisett, MA

1994 Carnival

John Fulgham    Claxton, GA

1993 Carnival

Lynn Schroeder    Holgate, OH

1992 Carnival

Mathew Kristine    Batavia, NY

1991 Carnival

Terry McCarthy    East Bloomfield, MI

1990 Carnival

Mike Fiorella    Batavia, NY

1989 Carnival

Craig Howard    Houston, TX

1988 Carnival

John Backer    Penfield, NY

1987 Carnival

Lori Walden & James Downey    Byron, NY

1986 Carnival

Tom Murphy    Elba, NY

1985 Carnival

Don Cudney    South Byron, NY

1984 Carnival

Jessie Buyers    Cowlesville, NY